The End of Feeling is a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it. Charlie is a strong, independent young woman, guarded as she protects those she loves. Benjamin is tough, resilient, a fighter, in every sense of the word. The End of Feeling is haunting, heartbreaking, in other words, another winner for Bennett!
~ Sherry Gammon, author of Unlovable

The End of Feeling was a rollercoaster ride of emotion. From the moment I picked it up, my heart was warmed, melted, broken, and pieced back together again. Cindy C Bennett has crafted a beautiful story of love, loss, and acceptance that will leave you aching long after the last page.
~  Jamie Canosa, author of Falling to Pieces

The End of Feeling is another beautiful story crafted by Cindy Bennett. She weaves a tale of hope and love about a couple of teens who have every reason to believe in neither. It's raw and real, but she leaves us believing in the power of redemption.
~ Juli Caldwell, author of Psyched

Too often in young adult romances, the comedy and teenage angst take center stage and get in the way of the real story, but Cindy C. Bennett does an amazing job balancing everything out, drawing the reader into the heart of the story. The high school quarterback and the new girl in town scenario may seem stereotypical, but the reality both characters live makes their story captivatingly unique, and emotionally powerful. Benjamin and Charlie’s story demonstrates the beautiful truth that two people can learn to be true to themselves, no matter what—especially while falling in love. 
~ Heather Frost, author of The Seers trilogy

The End of Feeling is a remarkably heartfelt and touching story. I instantly fell in love with Charlie and, against my better judgment, fell in love with Benjamin as well. The struggles in their story bring to light the fact that beauty and truly miraculous things can be found in the everyday, and that the most important thing any one of us can possess, is love. This story proved that we can find a cathartic space, by coming to terms with the reality of our lives, when compared to the fantasy we wish we lived. It showed that the greatest gift we can give someone is acceptance and understanding. Cindy Bennett writes a beautifully told tale that will not disappoint.
~ Shannen Crane Camp, author of Under Zenith

If there was a way to meet and hug Charlie and Benjamin in real life, I'd go
to the end of the world just for that chance, that's how much I love them. They took over my heart, sharing their heartfelt story one page at the time until the very last word and I can't help but feel a sense of loss now that the novel ended. Once again Cindy C Bennett's incredible talent shines through yet another masterpiece. I can only hope that one day Hollywood would discover The End of Feeling, a triumphant story of love, compassion and human strength.
~ Camelia Miron Skiba, author of Hidden Heart

The End of Feeling is a superb story that brings to the forefront the ugliness and psychological impact domestic violence and institutional abuse has on families. Bennett brilliantly weaves the fears and trepidation of two teens treading the hazards of acceptance, young love, and heartbreak with their need to conceal the unwarranted shame of victimhood. Curl up with this story and enjoy the ride—it's terrific.

~ Jeffery Moore, author of Jericho Solus

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